The Tenets of Taekwondo – Courtesy


In most Taekwondo schools and clubs, The Tenets of Taekwondo are recited at the beginning of class and the Taekwondo Student Oath recited at the end of each
class by all the students.

The Tenets of Taekwondo are:





Indomitable Spirit

The first tenet is…Courtesy.  Learning and practicing “Courtesy” is an incredibly important trait that all Taekwondo students must learn and master. In a world filled with rudeness, being able to respond in kind with courtesy actually becomes a layer of self-defense around the student. It was said of one of the Grand Masters I worked with for several years that he always felt safe everywhere he went because someone would have to go through many layers of “character” driven self-defense - like courtesy - before he would ever get to the point of having to defend himself physically. If someone showed him rudeness, he would simply smile and respond with a courteous attitude and action.  Being able to show courtesy also shows that we are in control of ourselves and not controlled by others’ actions and attitudes

In Taekwondo, we practice courtesy from junior student to senior student, but also from senior student to junior student as well. Courtesy is modeled and practiced in the Taekwondo school or club until it becomes an unconscious habit.

This is seen by students bowing to each other. The junior student bows to the senior student while at the same time senior student is bowing to the junior. Taekwondo is definitely an art of good manners, courtesy and respect.

By making Courtesy a life habit, it translates into our everyday life creating a better world around us. It’s the law of reflection at work – you get back what you are giving out to others. If you smile at someone, they almost always will smile back. (Try is sometime – you’ll be surprised how well it works!) On top of everything else, showing courtesy to others is just the right thing to do!





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