Our son, Brian has been in Master DuBose's training for over a year and he loves his classes and we have seen huge growth in his physical and mental development as a result of this training. Thank you for teaching him important foundational skills in martial arts but life skills as well.

Christy & DJ Bywell ,

For me, Tae Kwon Do has been a fun stress reliever that has challenged me both physically and mentally. It is also an amazingly rewarding way to exercise and have a break from everyday life.

Ariana Amador,

After studying under Master Ken DuBose for the last five years, my family and I found many benefits to learning the art of Taekwondo, including physical and mental conditioning, a sense of leadership and discipline, the wonder of going beyond what we thought we were capable of, stress relief, and a great amount of fun.

Lorelei Amador,

The Tae Kwon Do club is a great way to teach our kids about courtesy, perseverance, self control and self defense. Originally it was just for them, but my wife and I look at it as a fun way to spend time with our kids and exercise together. After 5 years doing it together, it has become part of our weekly routine.

Al Amador,